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Resume Tips

Your professional summary should give your success factors, samples of achievements throughout your career. The more features of your success and achievements applicable to the role you want, the better. Include more achievements that show how well you did the job, over job descriptions. There is no rule of thumb on length of resume, but “less is more” does generally apply to resumes.

  • Contact information. Include phone, city, state, and email contact information. Make sure your voicemail message/email address is professionally acceptable.


  • Did you automate a process that improved end client results? How was that measured?
  • Did you attain or achieve over sales or production goals?
  • How many new clients did you bring?
  • Did you head a team who increased revenue results? Head an implementation project that came in under budget (in time or $)?
  • Did you grow a client or a revenue line?
  • Did you salvage/save a distressed client?
  • Have you created a new service line, department?
  • Have you started a new site?
  • Have you been a conference speaker or officer in a professional association?
  • Have you received professional recognition/award? What did you do to earn that?
  • Did you create policy that improved compliance score?
  • Have you managed a CFPB audit process?


I have never worked with a Recruiting Firm that gave the level of assistance, advice and support that you did. This position is an excellent match for me.”
Training Manager, Tennessee
I'm so thankful I came across your Firm. Thank you for truly learning about my skills. Your quality will not be forgotten.”
Revenue Cycle Manager, Maryland
I can’t thank you enough for helping me with this opportunity. Wanted to say 'thanks' on my 10 year anniversary.”
V.P. of Operations, Colorado
I appreciate everything S.C. Riverside has done for me and my family."
Managing Director, Mexico
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